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Schedule of Passover Services   5775 – 2015

        (All times reflect Daylight Savings Time)


Passover Guide 5774 – 2014   by Rabbi Neil Kurshan

Rabbinical-assembly-pesah-guide-5774 with permitted and prohibited foods

Counting the Omer – And Making Each Day Count

Each year, near the conclusion of the second Pesach seder, we begin to count the omer. We count for 49 days, reciting the appropriate blessing every evening. Remember: The Jewish day begins at sunset; therefore, for example, if the 10th day of the omer falls on April 9, we recite the blessing for that day on the preceding evening, April 8.

Blessing to recite as you count the Omer… (LINK)

The 50th day is Shavuot.