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HJC Israel Committee Presents Bagels, Brunch & Learn: “Jewish Inclusivity in Israel: Challenges and Solutions” Sun., Mar. 18, 10:00 AM- Noon

As our Jewish homeland, Israel seeks to bring Jews together from the “four corners of the world”. Yet the religious, ethnic, and cultural differences in how Judaism is experienced in these disparate corners of the world creates a unique challenge in incorporating the richness of Jewish diversity into Israeli life. How do we address these challenges authentically with innovative solutions? And how to Israeli institutions (e.g. Chief Rabbinate, municipal governments, etc.) both block and support these efforts? Please join us as we welcome Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz, a leading voice advocating for Jewish inclusivity in Israel and especially in our capital of Jerusalem to address this challenge and offer solutions. $12 in advance; $15 at the door. To RSVP and PAY IN ADVANCE send your check, payable to HJC Israel Committee to HJC by March 14. Click here for flyer.