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Early Childhood Center

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HJC’s Early Childhood Center has served the Huntington area for over 30 years.  Our school is open to the community for all children, beginning at age 12 months (Parent and Me) and continuing through 2’s, 3’s, pre-K, and Kindergarten.  The ECC hours are from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, and we can offer you full day care.     
Enhanced Security:  Recently, HJC significantly upgraded security equipment and procedures (which were good to begin with!).  We’ve installed new locks and entry systems, additional cameras, internal door locks, alarms, window protection, panic buttons, and more.  HJC is investigating additional changes, and we are committed to providing the resources to continuously improve security for all of us.  The safety of you and your children is our highest priority, and we hope you choose HJC’s Early Childhood Center and our community.

Our Philosophy  ECC Philosophy

Parent and Me   Parent and Me programs for the Fall, Spring and Summer are offered to all children between 12 months to 24 months of age.

Other Programs in Our School:

* Kindergarten,   Kindergarten Curriculum 

 * Enrichment Classes, including science, art, dance/movement, sports and cooking.

 * Summer Camp

 * Early Morning (from 7:30 AM); and Extended Hours (until 5:30 PM)

In addition we have:

* 2 State-of-the-Art Outdoor Playgrounds

 * Indoor Gym

 * Family Shabbat dinners; we celebrate Shabbat each week and all Jewish and secular holidays. 

 * Free WiFi in the school

Parent Testimonials:   ECC Parent Testimonials

For information call  (631) 425-0525

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Diane Gallagher, Administrative Assistant

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