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Purim 2019 -5779

Sun., March 17, 11:00AM:  The Purim Carnival !

Wed. evening, March 20, 5:30PM:  PJ Library Bim Bam Family-Friendly Reading of Megillat Esther, followed by dinner at 6:15.  For families with children 6 months to 8 years old. 

Wed. evening, March 20, 7:00PM:  Reading the Megillat Esther for All.  Make sure to join us for our delightful, irreverent, fun, outlandish, and altogether awesome Purim service. You’ll see the Rabbi, Cantor, and lots of adults and kids dressed up in their favorite costumes as we have fun reading the story of how Esther saved the Jews from the evil Haman (BOOO!!). Bring a box of kosher pasta to use as a grogger and later to be donated. You also have a chance to listen to some of our wonderful kids and adults reading portions of the megillah. At the end of services, we will have a costume parade and all the children (and adults) will be able to show off their costumes. Sisterhood provides refreshments for everyone at the end of services.

Thu. morning, March 21, 7:00AM: Full Megillat Esther Reading, during morning minyan.  On Purim morning day, we will have a chance to read the WHOOOOOLLLLEEEE Megillah from beginning to end. It’s a great opportunity to get immersed in this fabulous story of Jewish heroism. There will also be EVEN MORE opportunities to BOO your favorite evil character, Haman!

This Sunday is our annual Purim carnival where you will be entertained with lots of fun games and see great costumes on all of the kids. This is a great experience for all arms of our community to come together and celebrate this joyous holiday. It is also the most important fundraiser for our Youth Group so please come out to support their efforts. You won’t want to miss it!